daily 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
dinner 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

FINE DINE AT HELENI Eating is bliss. So is cooking

Welcome to the HeLeni!

Find your place. Order with joyous expectation. Take a sip.
Here it comes. The fork takes aim. The tongue tastes. And is taken by surprise.

Smell the roast. Spoon up the soup.
Jeweled green. Juicy brown. Glowing red. The aroma
Delectable, delightful, delicious.
Is your just as scrumptious? Now.

Awakening your life force.
With an intensive fragrance. Of wild herbs.
Wine for your glass and for your soul.
The journey.

Everything comes alive. Take the plunge:
Into the world of the senses.
Enjoy your meal!
Taste the sweet life.

The HeLeni is a small yet exquisite restaurant. Just recently, it was awarded a fork, two stars and a hat. This thrills us, and we intend to keep it that way: At the HeLeni, we maintain a down-to-earth, yet courageous and refined culinary experienc, based on first-class ingredients from the region—preferably organic. Expect a young and unconventional cuisine with sumptuous ideas for every season. Our secret? Is it the organic ingredients from the Zillertal valley, our family-friendly ambiance with its sunroom, the wild game we hunt ourselves or our unusual recipes? We believe it’s in the mix—and it’s unique.

The HeLeni is no longer an insider tip. It’s grown popular with the Zillertal valley inhabitants too, and tends to be very well attended. 

So if we have one tip for you, it's  this:
Make sure to book a table!

Open daily from 18.30 to 21.30 p.m.
Thank you for understanding that dogs
are not allowed in the restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you! The Binder-Egger family

We are especially proud of our awards!
Gault Millau with a hood and 13 points,
A La Carte with 2 stars and 70 points,
Falstaff with 82 points and one fork;

7 good reasons to try the HeLeni:

  • One hat and 82 points aren't just awarded for nothing
    (the only bribe we gave tha restaurant testers was food).
  • Organic ingredients from the region are simply the best.
  • Diversity is our strategy: Every season has it's variety.
  • True taste remains the objective.
  • Our chefs are insatiable.
  • Their creations are always new, different and exciting.
  • You'll be happier after the meal than you were before. 

Our philosophy

The HeLeni's cuisine is both lighthearted and down to earth. Always straightforward, yet full of daring sophistication. What we serve comes from the region - it grew, was picked, hunted or milked there, and it's preferably organic. That's how natural flavors are retained - so the full taste of the ingredients can unfold.

What you can count on? That our cuisine is always new. The dishes are full of the flavours of the respective season. They're surprising, sophisticated and inspiring. For eating your fill or just having a taste? For both. Clearly.

EU EcolabelUmweltzeichen

For you, how important is sustainability and an ecological orientation? For us, it's our life. Out of respect for our planet, because we have a responsibility - and we have children. We continue to write our family story by taking care of the environment we live in and aligning what we do with nature as much as possible. Every day, we strive to interact with our guests and staff with as much integrity and sincerity as we can. These are the pillars that support all we do.

For our efforts, our operations have been awarded the Eu Ecolabel as well as the Austrian Environmental Certificate. A recognition of our commitment and a true cause for joy.

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