daily 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
dinner 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

FINE DINE IN HELENI & IN CHEZ MARIE Using every trick in the book

Our chefs like to work with the genuine flavors of simple ingredients: combining, refining and translating - with curiosity and motivation. What you'll find on your plate is sensual, wild and sometimes traditional. For culinary moments that stop you in your tracks.

In this work they do, our chefs are "qualiteers" without exception. This means that for them, the quality, origin and condition of the ingredients take top priority. They use nature as their role model, only processing fresh regional products, most of which are organic.

This simple and gentle preparation ensures that what the Earth has brought forth will remain intact. With a love of detail and refinded with spices from the four corners of the world, our chefs create what tastes good: pure enjoyment. Down to earth, always new and held in the space between the traditional, the unique and the sensual.

HeLeni's current menu | Kids Menu | Chez Marie Brasserie menu

HeLeni’s dishes change daily and monthly.

Remains stable:

„Vitam - rich“
Salad of the season | Nut crumble | Walnut Dressing

„Cool & fresh“
Homemade sorbets | ice cream
per scoop

„HeLeni`s cheese plate“
3 piece of cheese
5 piece of cheese

Vegetarian Menu

eat good – feel good

Picandou | Pistachios | Courgette flower | Cannelloni | Horseradish

„HeLeni's Zillertal mushrooms“
Chanterelles | Créme Brulée from boletus
16 | 19

„Cauliflower ravioli“
Foccacia | Nut butter | Cauliflower florets | Parsley foam sauce
15 | 18

Cold soup of red cabbage | Apricot chutney

"Kohlrabi in salt"
Black nuts | Capers | Tomato | Vitelotte | Young garden leek
22 | 25

"Lavender from our own garden"
Lavender | Peach | Juniper | Orange | Fennel | Currant | Bergamotte


as a Menu with amuse bouche

HeLeni Classics

Fine and light

organic gold trout
saffron | garden cucumber | cannelloni

„Tyrol meets France“
Tyrolean prawn | basil | tomato
16 / 18

„Halibut in a flowerbed“
halibut | lemon | zucchini | mozzarella
28 / 32

Main dish served in two courses:

„Calf firstly “
ragout of calf | herb ravioli

„Calf secondly “
grilled filet of calf | artichoke | chanterelle sauté
Cream of “Pimientos de Padron”

„Healthy “
Maple syrup | “Zillertal” beer | chocolate

Menu with Amuse-Bouche